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Marcus Pal (b. 1991), sound artist and tuning theorist based in Stockholm.

My theoretical work focuses on the role of conceptuality in the production of the kind of cognitive event generally known as harmonic sound, or what might be called harmonic auditory cognition. In doing this kind of work, I am drawing on theoretical accounts of perception and concept formation from the Dharmakīrtian tradition of Buddhist epistemology, as well as from contemporary theories of embodied cognition. My sound work includes diverse styles of practice ranging from algorithmic composition of synthetic sound to the practice of repeatedly tuning and sustaining tones in simple harmonic relation by way of voice and other acoustic instruments capable of high-level precision tuning. I am currently involved in a collaborative project with a specific focus on this style of tuning practice, together with, amongst others, Marc Sabat and Ellen Arkbro. In whatever kind of work I am doing, my primary interest is in understanding how certain kinds of conscious states, and in particular those associated with harmonic auditory cognition, may have a particularly strong impact on the way our perceptions are formed, on the way we conceptually organize our perceptions, and ultimately, on the way we behave.

From 2013 to 2014 I received teachings from La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Jung Hee Choi, while living and studying in the Church Street Dream House, New York. These teachings included instructions in composition, tuning theory and, above all, instructions in singing and tambura playing in the North-Indian classical style of Kirana gharana.

I have worked regularly with Catherine Christer Hennix since 2013, initially as her student and assistant, and later, in collaboration, realizing numerous sound works.

My work has been presented in installations and performances at ISSUE Project Room, New York; Inter Arts Center, Malmö; Audiorama, Stockholm; Fylkingen, Stockholm, and elsewhere.

In 2015 I gave a seminar on the theory and practice of tuning as a lecturer at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

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